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4 Day Workshop (1 day per week, ideally 1 week apart) 

Start on your journey to reshape the future of your veterinary practice with our exclusive workshop at Innovative Veterinary Management Solutions (IVMS). This unique, comprehensive course is tailored exclusively for practice owners, aspiring owners, and practice managers determined to elevate their practice to unparalleled success and efficiency.


Our workshop is a transformative experience meticulously crafted to address the multifaceted challenges of the veterinary industry. Over four immersive days, you'll dive deep into critical areas essential for thriving in today's competitive landscape, emerging with a renewed sense of purpose, inspiration, and direction.

Day 1 starts with a powerful session on establishing a clear vision and robust accountability framework for your practice. You'll learn to craft a compelling vision and mission through interactive exercises, laying the groundwork for a strong organizational culture and structure. This day sets the tone for a growth journey, aligning your practice's goals with your newly defined vision.

Day 2 shifts focus to goal setting and process development. Here, you'll master the art of setting achievable, impactful goals while developing a cohesive marketing strategy that resonates with your brand. The afternoon optimizes your operational processes, ensuring your practice runs like a well-oiled machine.

Day 3 is all about effective meeting structures and problem-solving techniques. You'll learn to conduct meetings that aren't just gatherings but powerful tools for collaboration and decision-making. We'll also guide you through a comprehensive problem-solving framework, turning challenges into opportunities for improvement.

Day 4 brings it all together. This dedicated day integrates and applies the concepts learned to your practice. You'll leave with a concrete action plan, ready to implement changes that will drive your practice towards success.

Still on the fence? Our workshop is more than just a learning opportunity; it invests in your practice's future. You'll gain invaluable insights from industry experts, adopt best practices, network with fellow professionals, and, most importantly, equip yourself with the practical tools and knowledge to lead your practice confidently into a prosperous future.

Are you still thinking about it? With our budgeting system, we guarantee you make a profit by the end of the workshop.    

Your practice's success story starts here.

Ready to start having more time working on your business rather than in it?

Establishing Vision and Accountability

  • Vision Building

  • Core Values, Vision, and Mission Workshop

  • Niche and Uniques Identification

Structure and Accountability

  • Accountability Chart Creation

  • Principles of organizational structure

  • Building an accountability framework

Team Fit and Role Suitability Workshop

  • Assessing team dynamics and role suitability

  • Interactive session on team fit analysis

Focus and Alignment

  • Setting Quarterly Milestone Objectives

  • The SMART goals framework

  • Identifying and setting quarterly objectives

Marketing/Branding Strategy Development

  • Fundamentals of marketing in the veterinary industry

  • Developing a cohesive marketing strategy

Process and Efficiency

  • Process Development (SOPs)

Task Delegation and Role Enhancement Strategy

  • Principles of task delegation and role optimization

Effective Meetings and Performance Tracking

  • Team Meeting Structure Walkthrough

  • Conducting productive team meetings

  • Role-playing a structured team meeting

Department Meetings Strategy

  • Customizing meeting structures for different departments

  • Planning sessions for departmental meetings

Metrics We Measure

  • Identifying and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Developing a KPI scorecard

Problem Solving and Review

  • Problem Identification and Resolution Framework

  • Framework for problem-solving

  • Group problem-solving exercises

Quarterly and Annual Planning

  • Conducting strategic reviews

  • Workshop on preparing for the following strategic review

Effective Budgeting

  • Understanding the most effective and simple-to-use budget system guarantees profit each week, month, or year.

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